The Story Behind The Viral Hashtag #DeleteFacebook

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Facebook’s data set has been subject to enhanced consideration after a foreign entity has disclosed details about millions of customers.

The hashtag # DeleteFacebook has trended internet and many consumers have selected to store versions of their Facebook data to comprehend deeper what data the cultural network has gathered about them.

Several consumers noted fear at Facebook’s data collection when passing through their own documents because their documents were discovered to represent mobile calls and background records of SMS messages. The details included information about the moment and location of calls and posts sent to families and families.

In addition to a user list of friends on their Facebook account, the names and contact details such as mobile numbers and email addresses of anyone saved to a device that you are using Facebook also appear as part of the data.

Facebook user data includes not only their recent list of friends and the date that online friendship started, but also a list of friend requests that a user has declined and friends that they have eliminated from their profile. The information also includes records of buddy demands sent by the customer that others refused, providing a thorough image of the site’s relationships with others.