Five Awesome Concept Car Designs

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Concept car is a prototype design made to showcase new styling & technology and to gauge customer reaction. Concept cars give automotive designers the opportunity to visualize the future of car design, or to design something that is just plain cool despite being a bit impractical at the time.

While most concept cars never make it to the commercial production, yet they are quite important for setting the trends and styles for future generations of car sales. Many of modern age car models are based off of concepts from the past.

Peugeot Instinct Concept

Ever dreamed of owning a car that offers complete peace-of-mind with full awareness of its surroundings? A car that understands you, that knows you so well that it can foresee your every wish? A car that is in true harmony with you? A car that delivers a seamless, straightforward experience?

PEUGEOT has approached this concept with a single watchword: freedom. Freedom to choose your driving mode and the accompanying sensations. Freedom of movement. The outcome is PEUGEOT INSTINCT CONCEPT

Volkswagen – ID Buggy

Volkswagen presents the first all-electric version of a new buggy. Based on the popular US dune buggies of the 1960s-1970s. Like the ID Vizzion from last year, the Buggy is huge it has the proportions of a smaller car, but the absolute dimensions of something approaching an SUV and all the VW logos are lit up with LEDs.

Audi Aicon

Audi unveiled its fully autonomous Aicon concept car at the Frankfurt auto show. The “design study” showcases the automaker’s vision of a world without steering wheels, pedals or the stress of driving. The Audi Aicon exploits every possibility offered by a autonomous luxury sedan of the future with unprecedented consistency. As a design study, the four-door 2+2 boldly leaps ahead to show the exterior and interior design of the next decades

Ventile The Hybrid Car

Thierry Dumaine is a well known French car designer and artist. He presented this concept car, called Ventile. It’s based on the hybrid technology. The idea is to to save energy, fuel and money by inventing a wind turbocharged battery rechargeable unit which can be used to power up the Hybrid car battery. Ventile design made it to the finals in 2011 Michelin Challenge Design.

Suzuki Regina Concept

With the Regina Concept, Suzuki proposes its vision for the global compact car of the future: at just 730 kg in weight, it is as light as a minicar, and its drag coefficient is claimed to be 10% lower than the average current models.

As a result the car – which is powered by a small gasoline engine – achieves a fuel economy of 32 km/l and low emissions of 70 g/km.