Norway Could Build The World’s First Floating Tunnel

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In a world first, Norway is planning to build a submerged, floating tunnel to allow road traffic to cross one of its deepest fjords.

Currently, the drive from the southern city of Kristiansand to Trondheim is over 1100 kms and takes about 20 hours drive and requires seven ferry crossings.

The Public Roads Administration (NPRA) of Norway has an ambitious plan to build the world’s first underwater floating tunnel, 100ft beneath the surface of the water.

The plan includes bridges and the world’s deepest and longest rock tunnel measuring about 392 meters deep and 27 kilometers long. The tunnel would be made up of a pair of concrete tubes submerged about 100 feet under the water’s surface.

The submerged tubes would be steadied by being attached to pontoons on the surface of the sea. There would be wide gaps between the pontoons to allow ferries to pass through. The floating tunnel would have escape routes  that connects to the surface in case of an emergency. 

The project is expected to cost over $40 billion and is expected to be completed by 2050. If successful, would cut the Kristiansand-Trondheim travel time in half.