7 Awesome Fashion Print Ad Campaigns

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Fashion advertising focuses on creating promotions for the fashion industry. Fashion ads tend to be idealess. They have their own stylistic modes and spheres of production and consumption, involving the interrelationship of word and image among other things. This particular industry has some unique needs from a promotional point of view, and that can make it very exciting and challenging to work as an advertiser.

Image advertising can still be conceptual, but most fashion ads and campaigns are created by fashion photographers. The following 10 print advertisements represent the beautiful and striking piece of work. In each of them, there is something which makes it stand above the pack, proving why these designers dominate their arenas. These selections come from a field of thousands, so your favorites might not be represented.

Fashion Faces – Yalook

Love Potion – Ayakkabi Dunyasi

My World, My Way – Allen Solly

Wear the Pants – Dockers

White Mask – Converse

Fits perfectly – Gabor

Arrive in A Convertible – Havaianas