He Cannot See, She Cannot Walk But Together They Are Exploring The World

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Trevor Hahn and Melanie Knecht are  Colorado-based  trekking friends. Knecht is 29 years old, raised with spina bifida; Hahn is 42, and he lost his vision due to glaucoma five years ago. The two encountered in a school of specialized boxing. A few decades ago, at an active rock trekking session, they met each other again and soon get to know about each other’s craze for nature.

“He’s the legs, and I’m the eyes!”
“The arms are he, and the ears are me!” Knecht “moves” through a personalized carrier like a backpack that helps Hahn to hold her easily. Knecht on the other hand is a fantastic guide.

“I explain all that I see, and how Trevor wants to travel very accurately.” Knecht said about their hiking technique. The greatest thing about trekking together, they said, is to give each other the chance of doing what some would claim is inevitable.

Knecht and Hahn intend to reach the next stage and reach what is known as a 14,000 feet high mountain. They trained and intend to go up in August. They prove to us all that the sky is the limit.