IT Chapter Two: The Second Best Box Office Opening For A Horror Movie Ever

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It Chapter Two did a great business. The viewers really liked like the Joker of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and Kristen Stewart  performed the role of a homosexual superhero. Here we to go!

Keeping in mind the  predecessor’s overpowering fame, no man should be surprised if It Chapter Two ruled over the box office with such incredible response.. For a $185 million opening weekend, the film earned $91 million nationally and $94 million globally. That domestic take doesn’t match the $123.4 million It made in the US in 2017, but it’s still the second-best opening for a horror movie in history.

Joker — the latest original tale about the Batman nemesis — was awarded the best award at the Venice Film Festival, which is perhaps more remarkable than It Chapter Two. Director Todd Phillips, when he received the Golden Lion, praised “Warner Bros. and DC for helping him and moving out of their comfort zone.”