Staff At McDonalds Warn Not To Order Fillet O Fish Burger

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Junk food may be far from the perfect nutritious meal, but you always get a craving for the chicken nuggets of McDonald or a Happy meal and who can really criticize you? It’s okay to consume moderately junk meat, correct? Except likely there are some menu options that you need to avoid totally.

The food item you should never purchase from the junk food shop and why has been disclosed by McDonald’s employees. No its not the nuggets (thank you very much) or the McFlurry, and your Big Mac late at night is also secure.

An unknown Reddit user started the proceedings asking: “Junk food Employees, What should we never buy from you?” Nearly 16,000 responses were obtained. Some of the first individuals to answer asserted to be the employees of McDonald.

One employee proposed, “At McDonald’s just mention you want a fish filet prepared to order.” They said, even though it requires a few additional minutes to prepare it, it’s “worthy relative to the filet that has been in the hot box for hours.” Actually, the Filet-O-Fish sandwich is cooked in advance, then placed under heat lights until it is ordered by someone  and it can really be there for a very long time. This is not, of course, the perfect scenario for fish. One worker said, “I can assure you that by no extension of fantasy filet of fish is fresh.”