This Innovative And Eco Friendly Idea By CupClub Will Leave You In Awe

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Prize winning architect designer Safia Qureshi, who has been creating luxurious flats for most of her life, choose to divert her practice into inventing a stronger solution for the disposable plastic cups offered by coffee stores all over the globe. Not only does CupClub make it easy to do the right thing, but the product itself is a step up from disposable cups.

Every year approximately 600 billion coffee cups go to waste. This is about 600 billion plastic covers and 600 billion scraps of paper, all of which can not be reused.

In June 2019 Safia Qureshi started a unique CupClub company that designs coffee cups using single use plastic. CupClub’s service uses only half the CO2e of disposbles and ceramics (including PE lined, sytrofoam and compostable PLA).

This is how it works: CupClub supply well designed cups according to your needs. When someone’s done drinking, they can throw the cups in the Cupclub cases installed in the coffee stores. Using RFID technology in cups, lids and cases, it’s easier for the company to track and collect them. Soft and hard incentives are also given to the users to encourage them to return the cups.

CupClub gathers the cups daily, cleans them using dishwashers and delivers them to various coffee shops.  All of CupClub’s products are manufactured in the UK, resulting in the smallest possible carbon footprint. Every time they pick up the used cups, they schedule drop-off of fresh cups at the same time, so the trip is coordinated to be as eco-friendly as possible. Even the process of washing the cups is optimized to ensure the minimum amount of water is used to clean the maximum amount of cups.

This latest scheme has been embraced by several coffee shops in London over the last two months and more than 100,000 coffee cups have been redirected from the garbage lot.

Consumers must register for CupClub membership. All you need to do is to download an app and you can use the system whenever you are in a coffee store where the cups are accessible. If after several days they don’t receive the cup anyhow, CupClub implies that the client intends to own the cup and they had to pay $3 for it.