This Photographer From RUSSIA Captures Women In An Artistic Way

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A stunning photographer from Moscow, Kristina Makeeva, travels the globe to take photographs of women dressed in the context of the finest locations. She shoot everything that energizes her.
Dresses and waving fabrics are definitely a different type of art. Also, in mix with voyaging and delightful corners of the planet, they offer ascent to an entirely different world to her, in which she finds a great deal of euphoria and joy. With the journey to textures and dresses, the national conventions of those nations that she visit or read about are included.

This is the enchantment of the time, except how she get ready for such a shoot? To start with, she select areas utilizing the Internet or her very own accumulation of spots that she might want to visit. Next starts the quest for dresses. In case if no ready made dresses are available then they are sewn to order. She than looks for a model close to the area where she is shooting, else she takes it with her from Moscow.











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