10 Funny Pictures Captured On Public Transport

Reading Time: 2 minutes

People of Trolleybuses offers a look into the clever side of open vehicle, and it’s at least somewhat great. Extreme apparel, sketchy gear, they include everything. From time spent with cat, to stuart little, and Dobby is no longer a free elf, he has a master.This summarizes quite a bit what funny stuff to expect from the people of Trolleybusses.

When the bus wears the same clothes as you

Even the guys next to two of them look the same

The old superglue on the comb trick

I’m going to rip that spray bottle out of his hands

That will scare someone when they open the door

When she used to call me on my cellphone

Poor dog

New year, new me

Dobby is no longer a free elf, he has a master

When you have a bright idea and just have to write it down