This Unique Technolgy Can Turn Your Old Jeans Into Brand New Jeans

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Just around 1% of old garments is reused, most old shirts and pants in the end up in landfills. One year from now, some new garments produced using old clothing will begin to be sold at significant retailers. Renewcell is a Sweden-based organization that utilizations disposed of cotton apparel, that is too worn to even think about being exchanged in the used market, to make another material called Circulose that looks and feels undefined from other fresh out of the box new texture.

In the factory, the organization gathers cotton materials, shreds them up, and expels zippers, catches, and other “contaminants.” A proprietary chemical procedure is carried on in cotton shredded that looks like lint, extracting the coloring from the fabric and eliminating polyesters, nylon and other artificial substances. This refers  to a dangling pulp in water.

The pulp is extracted from a pape rmaker to remove water, and the mills melt the pulp and drive it into fibers with a shower head like nozzle. At the factory, the last item is lyoc or viscose, materials that are typically produced using wood. The plants can change the procedure to make the texture feel progressively like silk or increasingly like cotton, based upon how it will be utilized.

The next move for the company is to expand production by adding factories. Their goal is to reuse a billion garments by 2025 annually. This is an ambitious goal, yet practical.

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