This Luxury Igloo In North Pole Can Be Booked For $105,000 Per Night

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The northern most hotel in the world will open in the North Pole for one month in April 2020. One Nordic travel organization allows you to enjoy luxury in the middle of the Arctic, but only one month a year is safe for visits Ten igloos are on offer at North Pole igloos inn, complete with central heating system and toilets.

The walls are made of glass and therefore the icy areas surrounding you make you feel totally submerged in nature. The acclaimed Northern Lights are in full view from this spot and on location you are guided by an Arctic wild guide and private culinary experts and security. For one night, you will be paying around $105,000 for an indulgent stay in one of your heated doms.

The tour is intended to bring issues to light against the climate crisis and how global warming impacts the wildlife and environment of the North Pole. The CEO emphasizes the fact that the hotel is a “purely sustainable experience” and poses no threats to the Arctic environment.