This Woman Manages To Make 17 Pets Sit Idle For A Family Photo

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As much as people like to shoot their dogs and cats, pets don’t have the same passion, it is evident. Getting one pet, regardless of whether it’s a dog or cat, to model for an image is now and then near unimaginable. It’s difficult to envision what it feels like taking an ideal shot of the entirety of your pets on the off chance that you have like around 17 of them.

Nonetheless, the lady by the name Kathy Smith, did what seemed impossible, she got all of her 17 pets, to sit for a stunning family picture. Above all else, she began with the dogs, who appeared to be ready for the picture.

In spite of the fact that, the cats had something different on their minds and must be set up back multiple times. At that point for a brief moment, every last bit of her 17 pets were in their place and looking directly into the camera.