Wife Kept Husband’s Body In Freezer For 10 Years To Receive Pension

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Last month, on 22nd November in Utah, police visited the house of Jeanne Souron Mathers while conducting a welfare check at an apartment. When they entered her home, they found her dead. Subsequent to discovering Jeanne, who was 75 years of age, officials checked out the place to investigate the course of events with respect to when she died.

Upon checking the fridge, they didn’t just discover frozen foods, they also found a dead body. Paul Mathers, the 58-year-old veteran, and Jeanne’s husband, last seen in 2009, was eventually identified as the man in the freezer. According to the police, wife kept her dead husband’s body in a freezer for a long time and gathered veteran’s pension and affairs benefits.

In the wake of finding the bodies, police at first portrayed the case as suspicious. While City Police Department Sgt. Jeremy Hansen stated, Mathers was known to have been terminally ill prior to his disappearance. The case is being investigated and authorities have not ruled out murder in the case.