Pictures Of This Dogs Daycare Center Are Taking Over The Internet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Young doggies are too lovely to be real. Furthermore, they don’t need to attempt to overwhelm our hearts with charm. The Puppy Spring office in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, is routinely posting pics of its delightful little animal sleeping, and their pictures are getting viral over the web.

If the puppies owners can not give them all the treatment they deserve, they can send them to the daycare center, where they look after the dogs over 12 weeks old. With a growing number of full time workers too busy to look after their cute pets all day, these facilities in Asia are becoming increasingly popular.

To improve their loyalty and friendliness, the center has a series of games and training sessions. All of these tasks also drain the small batteries and they have to replace their battery every now and then, which means naptime!