Photographer Uses iPhone 11 Pro Night Mode To Capture Stunning Pictures

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A photographer named Amos Chapple tested the night mode of iPhone 11 pro in Murmansk city (Russia). Since the city doesn’t see any sunlight from December into January, it makes it a very good place to test the night mode features. Amos says he keeps the iPhone camera settings to ‘night mode’ (most of the time) there due to darkness.

Smartphones are total freedom for a photographer. You don’t have to worry about not having a SD cards or a bag full of lenses or a stacks of batteries to charge, all you have to do is just carry your phone with you and start photographing. That is the reason why smartphone photography has become so popular.

Amos said that “iPhone’s night mode is the witchiest camera technology I’ve used till date. I was shooting 3 second exposures made handheld, yet I never saw any movement blur. All of the shots I made were tack sharp. Even more strange is that, whenever there was movement in the frame, the camera froze somehow or slightly blurred that movement while it was soaking up light for a long exposure”.