The New Mojo Contact Lens That Give Your Eyes Superpowers

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By wearing Mojo Vision’s enlarged reality contact lenses, you could see the local temperature, the present climate, some forecasting statistics, a traffic symbol that shows future driving routes on a basic map, schedule and to-do list and a music controller. The company calls the lenses “Mojo,” since it needs to fabricate something that resembles getting superpowers for your eyes.

Such lenses can be used by people with different types of retina degeneration, the light-sensitive membrane behind the pupil, and the natural deterioration of presbyopia, the typical loss of capacity to center the focal point of the eye on little items that accompanies maturing. For examples, the Mojo lenses will detect and clearly show the text on a road sign in the distance.

They can enhance items or venture them onto the individual’s retina that can in any case observe well. The lenses can assist individuals with recognizing objects before them by expanding the differentiation between the shades or contrasts of the items. Lenses can also paint geometric lines on the sides of items that are difficult to view in the vision of the user.

However the only cause of concern is privacy. Clients won’t just be asked to trust Mojo with their eyeballs, but with their information as well. Individuals will soon be able to understand the capability of the lenses for gathering data of everything their eyes lay on including items, places, political promotions and individuals. The Mojo must guarantee that the lenses will not monitor and exchange this data with marketers or governments.