What Its Like To Have Breakfast In Antarctica

Reading Time: 2 minutes

An Astrobiologist named Cyprien Verseux is a currently working in Concordia Station, one of the remote scientific places on the planet. Everybody knows that Antarctica is cold and inhospitable but this place is so remote and isolated that even the International Space Station, 400km above the earth surface is closer to civilization than this place.

It is the coldest place on Earth, with temperatures reaching below -80°C in winter. The air quality is poor and very dry. It causes food to freeze almost immediately on contact with the air resulting due to absolute intensity of the cold in Antarctica. Despite being the coldest place, Concordia is very attractive to Astronomists, Biologists, Glaciologist, Astrobiologist, Human physiologists etc

When not busy doing research, Cyprien writes and shares his everyday experiences of living in this extreme weather. Cyprien shared his experience of having breakfast in Concordia Station and the pictures will crack you up.