A Russian Woman Shares Mesmerizing Pictures Of Iridescent Clouds

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Svetlana Kazina left her job 20 years ago to pursue her true calling, living with the Mother Nature. She moved out of the city with her two children and started living in the mountains of Uznezya in Russia’s Altai Krai locale (next to Kazakhstan). The wooden hut they were living in was built almost seven decades ago and had no heating, no toilet or even no running water.

After 20 years, her children have now grown up & moved back to city but she said, she had no plans to follow them & she enjoys her time here with Nature. Svetlana’s recent adventure to the highest summit of Siberia was magical. She happened to captured some breathtaking pictures of nature. She caught a bright optical wonder called cloud radiance, brought about by little water beads or ice precious crystals independently dissipating light.