Artist Finds It Pleasing To Make Designs On The Beach With Stones

Reading Time: 2 minutes

During school, Jon Foreman found land art and fell in love with it immediately. He felt that more could be explored in the natural world, especially where he lives, in Pembrokeshire, in Wales.

Since the region has a large coastline, an important part of Foreman’s research is about the stones that he finds close to the sea. The artist surprises beach people with fascinating arrangements using everything, from small rocks to big rocks.

He says land art is more to him than drawing or painting. It presents himself as an artist. According to him, there are unlimited situations to work in, every single one diverse to the following. Getting out and making work profoundly affects my psychological wellness. It keeps my mind sound and healthy. Following pictures shared by Jon Foreman, show his love and passion for the stone arts.