Group Of Volunteers Are Rescuing Pets From Abandoned Apartments In Wuhan Following CoronaVirus Outbreak

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Thousands of pet owners can not return home following the Wuhan lockdown due to the ongoing issue of Coronavirus. Thankfully, the organisations in animal rescue do almost everything to help the poor, neglected animals. It is confirmed that volunteers had to crack doors and go through windows to the locked animals and homes.

In Wuhan about 20,000 animals are stranded, while other estimates say that the number is up to 50,000. Fortunately, more than ten animal rescue groups are working nonstop to protect the pets and carry them to security.

The pets were found in homes with no nourishment and water. Their owners left their homes a month ago not expecting that they would not have the option to get back, one of the volunteers revealed to Chinese media, that pets are starting to starve to death or die from thirst.