An Ancient City In Southeast Turkey Is Slowly Disappearing

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A 12,000 year old town in Turkey is vanishing, Rising water levels from the Ilisu Dam is flooding the ancient city. The government of Turkey approved plans for the dam in 1997. It was built to produce electricity for the area.

The dam, endorsed by the Turkish government will remove almost 80,000 individuals from 199 towns and has frightened authorities in neighboring Iraq, who dread the effect on their water supplies from the Tigris.

Locals have moved out of Hasankeyf town. Many of them moved to a new town, Yeni Hasankeyf, on a nearby town. The dam is about 25 percent full and the water will likely rise another 50 meters in coming months, reaching just below the top of the fortress. The Ilisu Dam will produce 1200 MW of electricity, making it Turkey’s 4th largest dam in terms of production.