Billionaires Lose Over $440 Billion After Devastating Week For Markets

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The collective wealth of 500 richest in the world dropped by around $444 billion as the CoronaVirus fear rattling stock markets throughout the world. DOW tumbled more than 12% (biggest five day drop since 2008 financial crisis) in a rout that flushed over $6 trillion from global markets.

The wealthiest three men Inc.’s Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corp, and Bernard Arnault, LVMH Ceo-suffered the most significant casualties, with their consolidated riches dropping about $30 billion.

Elon Musk, the world’s 25th most richest, rang up the fourth biggest week after week misfortune,$9 billion, as portions of his Tesla Inc. slid after a precarious move to begin the year. He is everything up $8.8 billion of every 2020 and has a total asset of over $36 billion.