This Woodwork Studio Makes Astonishing Wooden Bathtubs

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Nathie Katzoff is a renowned Woodwork Designer, that is famous for its elegant and award winning staircases. It’s studio NK Woodworking & Architecture is becoming more and more popular among home plan devotees as well. The studio stands out as truly newsworthy with it’s amazing bathtubs. The most remarkable thing about them is the medium they are made from.

The tubs are made of sustainable local and outlandish hardwood and implicit Seattle, Washington. The whole process of making them is quite lengthy. With each bathtub being unique, it shifts on intricacy. In any case, it takes about three to four months to make a bathtub.

If you want to have one in your house, be prepared for a heavy price tag. Although the company didn’t uncover the exact price, the price starts with around $30,000. Given the company is known for its award winning staircases and that even cost seven figures, it makes it relatively inexpensive by comparison.