Loyal Dog Waits on Bridge After ‘Owner Jumps Into a River’

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A loyal dog has gone viral this week after being noticed waiting for his owner on the bridge from which he had jumped days earlier. There’s a justification they ‘re known as the “best mate of Man.” These faithful pets have been known to stand courageously by their owners, no matter what the consequences they ‘re in.

One dog has gone viral because of this unwavering commitment. A heartbroken and depressed dog was seen waiting eagerly for its owner at the bridge for four days after he committed suicide and ended his life sadly. This dog is from Wuhan , China.

It happened on the Yangtze Bridge of Wuhan. An unidentified man committed suicide from the bridge, and his loyal companion watched as he jumped. The dog is believed to have followed its owner to the bridge. After his tragic death, the little dog did not move from the sidewalk of the bridge.