People Who Got Some Of The Most Ridiculous Food Servings In The Restaurant Business

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The rivalry in the restaurant market is extreme. So, it’s only normal that restaurants continue to sell customers something they already don’t have on their menu down the lane. But if the sole purpose of standing out is simply to stand up, it can quickly lead to something funny. Or it’s ridiculous. Or worst, all of them. From eating spaghetti off the fricking table to getting your starter in the sink, keep scrolling to check out the latest batch of nightmares.

“Don’t Eat The Rocks” – Waiter Upon Serving

Served A Single Potato On A Tiny Chair

 Carrot Served On A Telephone

 It’s Getting Out Of Hand

Starter Came In A Sink

Most Expensive Restaurant. Chef Literally Made The Starter In the Hand

Just Why??

Cocktail. With Ducks. In A Bath

Appetizer To Be Served Inside A Dresser But Ok

Steak And Mashed Taters In A Sombrero