First-grade teacher drops everything to cheer up sad student by reading to her outside her home

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Since schools were forced to shut down because of the pandemic, we’ve heard a number of heart-warming stories about the special relationship that teachers share with their students. Some have gone out of their way to support students through the change from a conventional school environment to interactive schools, informing us again and again about what a selfless teaching career is all about.

Katherine “Katie” Rica, a class one teacher at the North Bay Haven (NBH) Charter Academy in Panama City, Florida, is one of those individuals who didn’t think twice about leaving anything to cheer up one of her young students in the midst of the lockdown.

Hannah seemed unusually quiet and depressed, so she signed off early on April 2 from her zoom call session. And so, on April 3rd, as Hannah was enjoying a picnic with her mother and brother, the teacher shocked her by pulling in her car outside her house. Sitting six feet apart to follow the social distance, the both spoke about Hannah’s thoughts and read those “silly stories” in an attempt to cheer her up.