Save Yourself From Being Manipulated In A Relationship

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The frightening thing is: You probably don’t even when this is going on. Manipulative individuals are distorting your ideas, activities, needs and wishes into something best suited to how they see the universe and molding you into someone that serves how they want to see you rather than accepting you the way you are. Terrifying, agree?

Manipulation always begins with guilt. He understands you are more prepared to do what he tells if he can persuade you to think responsible for your deeds even if you have done nothing bad. Manipulators often push their own insecurity on you to regulate how you respond to it.

Want to understand how he can alter your thoughts so easily? Because he’s controlled you so far that you don’t believe yourself anymore. ⠀Their likes and ways they want to spend their life are their only interests in mind. And to maintain their desires and requirements at the heart of your bond, they spin your thoughts softly until you glance at him for advice on all. Once that occurs, manipulators can literally control you to perform actions they wish you to do because you have more confidence in them than you believe in yourself.

In an attempt to please your spouse, you have to totally put aside what you want and need. If you begin to understand that the demands of your partner are encountered much more frequently than yours, you may be married to a manipulator.