Unusual Things People Found In The Second Hand Books

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The fortunes inside used books aren’t restricted to the writings they have. Occasionally, bookworms leave a wide range of presents for others to find. Some of them, similar to a couple of glasses, are essentially overlooked between the pages however now and then, a great samaritan drops behind a little thingy just to fill your heart with joy.

1. A 1970’s plane ticket

2. Found this neat little metal bookmark

3. A coin with a message

4. Can anyone explain what these save buttons do in the back of my book?

5. Just needed some happiness while reading about crimes, I get that

6. The former owner of these glasses also searches for them somewhere in time

7. Found a dried lizard

8. I found this little surprise, gotta continue the tradition

9. In this almost 200 year old book I find these 4 and 5 leaf clovers

10. Mommy will regret losing that lovely note