Singapore’s Changi International Airport Named As Worlds Top Airport

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Over six years now, Singapore’s Changi International Airport is listed as the global leading airport. The airport is equipped with a free movie theater, a butterfly garden, a swimming pool on the roof and 24 hour spas, yet it’s the air terminal’s tidiness and effectiveness that the normal explorer will see most.

Singapore’s Changi Airport is perhaps the busiest air terminal on the planet, serving 62.2 million travelers a year ago. It is a significant center point for flights through Asia. Terminal 1 has a rooftop pool for 17 Singapore dollars, for the travelers, with a shower and a bar.

Singapore calls itself “The City in a Garden” in light of the tremendous number of parks, nurseries, and greenery spread all through. Singapore’s green thumb reaches out to the air terminal with the Sunflower Garden and the koi pond at Terminal 2.

Terminal 3 features a butterfly garden, where travelers can see over 1,000 tropical butterflies. The airport is surrounded by tons of shops and restaurants. During the holidays, most Singaporeans come to shop and to eat by car from downtown in just 20 minutes. The town is very easy to reach.

Terminal 4 has a relaxing atmosphere. Everything looks like you can pamper yourself and sit and have a coffee.