This Company Is Repaving Roads Using Recycled Plastic Bottles In South Africa

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Plastic milk bottles are being reused to make streets in South Africa, with the expectation of helping the nation handle its waste issue and improve the nature of its streets. In August, Shisalanga Construction turned into the main organization in South Africa to lay a segment of street that is halfway plastic, in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) region on the east coast.

It has now repaved in excess of 400 meters of the street in Cliffdale, on the edges of Durban, utilizing black-top made with what might be compared to very nearly 40,000 reused two-liter plastic milk bottles. Shisalanga utilizes high-thickness polyethylene (HDPE), a thick plastic ordinarily utilized for milk bottles. A nearby reusing plant transforms it into pellets, which are warmed to 190 degrees Celsius until they break up and are blended in with added substances.

The price is similar to current practices, but Shisalanga claims that financial savings will be made since its roads will last for 20 years on average. Streets are one of numerous inventive answers for reusing plastic waste. Organizations around the globe are transforming it into blocks, fuel and dress.