Kenya Installs New Sustainable Solar Power Plant That Transforms Ocean Water Into Drinking Water

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Around 2.2 billion individuals battle since they don’t have safe access to drinking water which could appear to be really unexpected considering we live on a planet that is 2/3 water. Nonetheless, there is no need for long faces, as the issue could be solved. The NGO Give Power recently established a solar power plant that turns salty sea water into fresh potable water and thus helps more than 25,000 people every day.

In early August this year the NGO Give Power completed its first solar water transformer experiment. The plant’s two water pumps provided 25,000 residents with potable water. They really have the ability to give considerably more and supply 35,000 individuals with drinking water 24 hours per day. This is extraordinary for districts, for example, Kenya, where 1/3 of the individuals don’t approach safe drinking water And need to go for over an hour to get drinking water for their families.

Hayes Barnard, leader of Give Power, stated, “You see kids within these towns, and they have these scars on their stomachs or their knees since they got such a great amount of salt in their injuries. They were fundamentally harming their families with this water.” But the portion of the plant didn’t just assist them with that yet in addition spared them from different illnesses, since the water they previously regularly used was frequently loaded with contamination and different parasites. What an enormous development for mankind!