In UK It Is Now Legal To Fire People For Saying That Transgender Women Are Not Women

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A judge from the United Kingdom said in a landmark decision that staff must be dismissed if they think transgender women aren’t real women. In March 2019, Maya Forstater, a fiscal analyst at the Center for Global Development (CGD), submitted social media posts as follows: “men cannot change into women.”

She sued the CGD for segregation under the UK’s 2010 Equality Act, which she reffered to is a crime for firing people on their views on gender transition. In October 2018, associates at CGD stood up to Forstater about her tweets, “claiming that they were ‘transphobic’,”

Employment tribunal Judge James Tayler passed the judgement saying “Forstater “is absolutist in her view of sex and it is a core component of her belief that she will refer to a person by the sex she considered appropriate even if it violates their dignity and/or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.”
It is said to be the first case of its kind in UK’s history.