China extends holidays as Number Of CoronaVirus Cases Rises To Over 7000

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The loss of life from a coronavirus flare-up in China rose to 170 on Thursday, as the state expanded the Lunar New Year holidays and more big business shut down or asked employees to work from home to prevent spread. The absolute number of affirmed cases in China rose about 1,737 to 7,771.

A ban was placed on Macau gambling hub, which has had in any event one case of coronavirus, forced a comparable restriction on those landing from Hubei, except if they can demonstrate they are infection free. As tension spread around the world, China-ruled Hong Kong, who had eight confirmed cases, also barred the entrance of people who visited Hubei during the past 14 days.

The boycott didn’t cover Hong Kong inhabitants. In order to slow the spread of the virus, the Government extends the week-long Lunar New Year holiday until February 2 by three days. The Lunar New Year is traditionally a time for millions to fly, but many of them had to abandon their plans because of the virus curbs.