A Lost Church In Turkey Reappears After 1,600 Years Under a Lake As Lockdown Clears Pollution

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It’s crazy to say, but the global pandemic has had a tremendous effect on environment. The air was clearer and the oceans were brighter than ever before, pollution rates are on the lower side, and as a consequence, amazing things happening all around the world. A church that disappeared under the contaminated lake is now visible for the first time in over a thousand years.

An ancient church in Turkey, that was buried underwater for 1600 years is now visible to a naked eye. Lake Iznik, which is situated in the northwestern part of Turkey, has been highly contaminated for ages The church fell during the earthquake about AD 740, leading it to fall into the water, constraining it from sight for another 1,000 years.

According to reports, the ancient ruins of the church were discovered in 2014 and was awarded as one of the top discoveries of the recent times by Archaeological Institute of America. According to archaeologists, the Church Basilica was built around 390 AD when Istanbul was called Constantinople.