Painting Cows With Zebra Like Pattern Has A Surprising Benefit

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Scientists came up with a clever way to reduce the need for using pesticides on livestock. A team of Japanese Scientists painted a number of black cows with white zebra stripes and observed them for few days. It was observed that flies are less likely to land on black and white surfaces due to the polarization of light, which impairs their perception, resulting in less attacks by biting flies.

To carry out their experiment, researchers colored six black cows with black and white zebra like markings and a collection of cows without markings and were then examined for three days. They captured high-resolution images of the cows at various time periods. Through studying, they were able to check the amount of flies that landed on the animals. Certain signs reported by the scientists were how much the cows kicked their legs or shook their tails because of the flies that irritated them.

It was discovered that painting zebra like markings on cows would decrease the frequency of biting flies landing on individuals by around 50 percent. Fly bites are estimated to cost the livestock industry billion of dollars every year.