UK’s First Socially Distanced Music Concert Looks Strangely Promising

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Coronavirus pandemic had an adverse impact on every business except few. Concerts and hospitality services are one of the severely affected businesses. Concerts and gatherings have been cancelled all over the world as governments imposed lockdown and stay at home directives to prevent the transmission of the virus. Even when certain nations continue to relax controls, concert promoters work out how to revive the music business and keep audiences safe.

UK hosted first socially distant music concert after the pandemic. It was held in the Virgin Money Unity Arena. About 2,500 fans assembled at the outdoor venue on Tuesday for what the organizers described as the UK’s first socially distant show. Groups up to five came out to see guitarist Sam Fender from one of the 500 elevated metal platforms on the arena in Gosforth Park, Newcastle, Northern England.

Distancing is applied upon entry. Cars are located two meters away until they are driven to their own private display areas, while food and beverages may be purchased beforehand or through a delivery or ordering app.