A Chinese Guy Literally Sold His Kidney To Buy An iPhone And iPad

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Purchasing an iPhone at the cost of a spare kidney is a long running joke on the internet. But unfortunately one Chinese guy took it very seriously and sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad.

In 2011, Wang Shangkun a 17 years old Chinese guy underwent surgery and sold his right kidney to buy Apple items on the black market. He started suffering from a reduced level of kidney function soon after the unlawful procedure. After having one removed, the man suffered renal failure of his second kidney. Fast forward 2020, the man is now unable to leave bed and is attached to dialysis machine.

It is said that the unhygienic conditions where the surgery took place were the cause for this. A total of nine people linked to the organ harvesting case were convicted for their role in 2012. Five surgeons associated with the operation were among those sentenced.